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Terms of Use

These 'terms of use', as amended from time to time, govern your use of the Broken Hill Basketball Association Website (BHBA) together with any linked pages to this site. We, the BHBA give you the right to visit and use this website and the right to navigate from the Broken Hill Basketball Association (BHBA) website to any externally linked websites. Your use of this website will mean that you have read, accepted the terms and will abide by the terms when using the BHBA website.

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The copyright of this website and its contents are subject to the Australian Copyright Laws. The BHBA website and its contents are owned by BHBA. The copyright of the BHBA website design and layout is owned by the BHBA web designer/developer.

You may:

- Print a copy from this website of any information you find useful only for your own   personal information and study.
- Save an electronic copy of this website policy. The BHBA copyright notice must be   bold and stand out in a visible part of your document.

You must not:

- Modify any of the information from this website.
- Sell or give any material to any individual or organization without the express   permission from the BHBA or other appropriate licensee of the material contained   on this website.

The BHBA grants you permission to:

Download and store a reproduction of this material on your local computer for the sole purpose of viewing the material, displaying, printing and reproducing this material in unaltered form only for your personal, non-commercial use. Such permission is granted on condition appropriate acknowledgment of and indicate that the material is protected by copright laws held by the BHBA and/or it's web designer/developer. The licensee reserves all other rights to the material whether expressed or implied except for disclosure as required by the Copyright Act 1968 (NSW).

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Intellectual Property Rights

BHBA respects the ownership of images, graphics, design layout, and coding of this website. The material on this site is protected by copyright and as such BHBA does not permit any unauthorized use of any copyright material contained on this website. Any such intellectual property present on this website will be acknowledged by BHBA.

This includes:

- Logo designs used.
- Archival material (text or photographic content).
- All property designed and created by the BHBA website developer.
- All property designed and created by BHBA.

Refer to: http://www.ipaustralia.gov.au/

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BHBA disclaim any obligations relating to this website except those which are explicitly mentioned on this website or required by law. The information contained on this website is provided on the basis that every person accessing this website undertake the responsibility for determining the accuracy and relevance of its content. We the BHBA disclaim all consequential liabilities arising from the material or use of the material contained in this website and as amended from time to time.

Logos, trademarks and other marks that are contained on this website are the property of their respective owners. BHBA does not claim ownership to any such material unless the contrary intention is expressly contained in these terms.

BHBA will not be responsible for:

- Material contained on external websites linked to this website.
- The accuracy and detail of the material contained on this website.
- Any material which may appear on this website that is uploaded by authorized   and/or un-authorized persons.
- The operation of our Internet Service Provider in the event of any power loss.
- Any injuries that may be received from players, officials and visitors whilst on our   premises.
- Lost or stole personal property inside or outside of our complex.

All people are responsible for material which may be uploaded to this website.

The BHBA website contains links to external/third party sites for the convenience of our visitors. However, BHBA independently nor jointly, have no knowledge of, nor control over, the privacy practices of these websites and have no knowledge of whether these sites use cookies or other tracking devices. You visit these websites at your own discretion.

We reserve the right to disclaim any obligations except those which are explicitly the requirement of the bonified user/client and the requirements by law.

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The BHBA values the privacy of all individuals associated with BHBA. Only personal information that has been obtained by lawful means, will be used and accepted by the BHBA. We abide by the NSW and Commonwealth privacy laws including Federal Privacy Act 1988. Certain members of the BHBA will be authorised to collect personal information and will only do so with the express written consent of the individual concerned. Personal information collected by or provided to the BHBA will only be used for the purpose for which it was collected.

Only those within this association who have authorization will collect personal information. BHBA will collect personal information only when the relevant person has given written permission to do so, or when we receive any personal information contained in an email. We will only retain this information for the purpose for which it was given.

Other reasons for collecting personal information are:

- You have consented.
- There is an expectation of disclosure.
- It is required by law.
- When it is necessary to alleviate imminent threat to life, health, or safety.
- Any other reason not specified but reasonably necessary for law enforcement   and/or the protection of public revenue.

Refer to: http://www.privacy.gov.au/act/index.html

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Statement of Commitment

In the interests of team spirit, team harmony and team excellence, parents and players are asked to confirm their commitment to Broken Hill Basketball by:

- Being aware of all Association Rules/Responsibilities with regard to combined   squad participation.
- Being aware of the program for Broken Hill representative teams during the next   twelve months.
- Acknowledging that their child will give Broken Hill Basketball their priority in   attending Basketball Carnivals during the next twelve months.

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Conflict Resolution

Our Association wishes to deal promptly with, and effectively resolve, any issues or conflicts which may arise or any matter which may be raised by any Player, Parent, Coach or Official who is dissatisfied or has a particular concern regarding the junior combined squads. There may be times that issues arise that either you are confused about or dissatisfied with or simply want more information about.

All concerns, whether they be of a 'basketball' or 'administrative' nature:

Should be taken directly to the 'Director of Coaching' or his representative who then has the authority to advise the Coach or Manager at an appropriate time and then attempt to resolve the matter quickly and amicably.

It is 'NOT' appropriate to approach a Coach or Manager immediately before or after a game, during team discussions or when the team is under the control of the Coach, as the Coach and Manager have other duties at this time. Any interference in the teams' purpose and goals cannot be tolerated.

However, the resolution process should be carried out as soon as possible and all discussions held 'in private and remain strictly confidential'. Players should NOT be involved in any conflict resolution discussions unless they are personally involved in raising the issue.

If, after the issue has been addressed, one or more parties remains dissatisfied with the outcome of the resolution, or the problem recurs, the matter should then be communicated in writing to the Association Executive.

Positive communication and our ability to handle problems is a high priority for the Broncos. If something is wrong please tell us first - this enables us to address issues before they become problems.

At all times our Association will endeavour to deal promptly with and effectively resolve, concerns of any nature.
We believe it is essential that our children can enjoy our sport in a positive, harmonious environment where team spirit and positive encouragement allow them to enjoy basketball and have fun.

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Carnivals and 'Out of Town' Commitments

For each Carnival, Tour Co-ordinator(s) will be appointed. Referees, Officials, Players, Coaches, Managers and 'Parents appointed as Supervisors and/or Scorers' travel as part of the Association Representative Group, 'responsible to the Tour Co-ordinators'. Players must travel together by bus, stay together in the Accommodation and stay together as a team during the Carnival.

Players are not permitted to leave the Accommodation, or the Stadium without the permission of their Coach, Manager and the Tour Co-ordinator at any time.

A team is to move around as a group and eat their meals together. Individual players cannot make separate arrangements to have meals or travel alone or in small groups. Any parent who wishes to request that their child travel separately, because of exceptional circumstances (e.g. medical reasons), must give at least 'one weeks notice' to the Director of Coaching or his representative, in writing and that request will be considered.

The Team's Manager is responsible for the team at all times except when the team is on the court and under the control of the Coach. The Manager must follow any requests or instructions regarding the team from the Coach. 'Any queries should be directed to the Manager or Coach and any problems or disputes to the Director of Coaching (or his representatiave) who have the final authority'.

Association Rules regarding conflict resolution will be strictly enforced.

A copy of the Association Rules and of the Responsibilities of combined squad players and their parents/supporters, are displayed at the Stadium. An Indemnity Form must be completed for each player before the start of a Program or when a player makes their first trip.

Parents signing these forms should understand that this acknowledges their agreement to the statements contained therein and their acceptance of our Rules and Responsibilities including those contained on this website.

Please be sure to include any relevant medical/allergy information that we should know about your child when completing the Indemnity Form including Medicare numbers and expiry dates as hospitals in SA will not treat a child without the Medicare information.

Parents are asked to notify of any special meal requirements at least "one week" prior to travel so adequate alternative arrangements can be made where possible.

BHBA accepts no responsibility for the quality or content of food consumed whilst away.

BHBA accepts no responsibility for the standard or cost of accomodation whilst away. Any personal information which you wish to supply separately will be kept in absolute confidence.


No junior player is permitted to smoke or consume alcohol and any player doing so will be reported. Taking of drugs by anybody is strictly forbidden and will result in immediate suspension.

Players representing Broken Hill, and all Officials and Supporters, are expected to behave with honour and good sportsmanship, to support the Coaches, Managers, Tour Co-ordinators and Director of Coaching at all times, to positively support and encourage all our teams and to observe and follow all Association and Carnival rules and procedures
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